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Biraja Rout

Biraja Rout

Founder, Biggies Burger

Burgers that have been a top favorite savory for Indians since the last two decades, have been presented in many varieties to suit the consumer’s preference. Nonetheless the innovations were focused on presenting various delectable flavors by modifying the stuffing ingredients while the process of burger making remained the same. Biggies Burger chain took its birth giving a twist to the process of burger making which began a QSR revolution across the nation.

Biggies Burger is a story true to their Motto “Be Brave” From one Kiosk in Electronic City Bengaluru to 147 stores in 28 cities across 14 states it has been quite a journey.

Biggies Burger, a homegrown burger chain started in the year 2011 under the leadership of Biraja Prasad Rout techie Turned Foodpreneur which aimed to bring in innovations in the process of burger making. Biggies Burger introduced Indians to authentic grilled burgers which in just a decade now have topped the bucket list of most Indian foodies.

Biraja Prasad Rout, a techie who worked at Infosys had burgers for the first time at Koramangala Bangalore. Being a burger fan he used to commute between 15 to 18 kilometers every time he had a craving for burgers said Biraja. The fried patties made burgers specious as they lacked authenticity. To bring the finest Grilled Burger to consumer Biraja set up a kiosk with an idea of offering authentic grilled burgers to the consumers and called it Biggies Burger. Eventually he set up his first store in the year 2013. With a massive popularity, Biggies Burger started seeing demand for franchise and started expanding with its first franchise in the year 2014.

The idea of grilled burgers that started with a single kiosk in Bengaluru is now competing with its American counterparts leveraging the authenticity in its burgers which has home advantage of understanding Palate of the Indians across Geography better than its American Counterparts.

Presently Biggies Burger is the largest home grown burger brand with its 147 stores in 28 cities across 14 states of the country and has sold 50 lacs burgers since its inception. This Burger chain is aiming at global expansion expanding its network to 306 stores by 2024 thus competing with its American counterparts.

Not only in burger making, Biraja also is striving to ease the burger store franchising process for those that want to explore the QSR business opportunities in their localities. Although the advent of American burger chains brought in opportunities for enthusiasts to explore a new QSR business opportunity, it costs a fortune for one to invest in this business. Biggies Burger has disrupted the burger store business not only by reducing franchising costs to minimum but also offering the best of the support for the franchises to thrive the completion out in the market.