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Eshwar K Vikas

Eshwar K Vikas

Co-Founder & CEO, Mukunda Foods

A successful entrepreneur, an engineer at heart and a food enthusiast, Eshwar K Vikas is the CEO and co-founder of Mukunda Foods. Launched in 2012, Mukunda foods is a kitchen robotics brand which provides automation solutions for cloud kitchens and QSR brands. It was not easy for Eshwar to sustain this idea and make it grow into a successful venture in the industry. However, along with his partner, he not only managed to kickstart the brand as a QSR name serving South-Indian cuisine but also garnered traction to realise how the sector desperately needed a leading name to minimise the consistency issues across the food industry. Under Eshwar’s supervision, his engineering team – the core of the organisation, started its expedition to seek solutions and pick everyday technology to give birth to this revolutionary concept of automated machines for cooking and preparing dishes without human intervention. Eshwar’s perseverance and dedication has led it to make its own mark in the food industry while the brand strives to completely transform the sector.

Eshwar’s educational qualifications include holding a degree in electrical engineering from SRM University, Chennai. His inquisitiveness and a passion to innovate has blended seamlessly with the foodie in him to start this venture and thus helping in simplifying the complex steps involved in the cooking processes with the help of automation. In addition to this, he has also been one of the founding members of “First Dot,” presently known as “TATA First Dot” – a program that aims to support India’s youngest entrepreneurs, powered by the National Entrepreneurship Network.

Eshwar also looks into the marketing aspect and has made sure that the brand keeps re-defining the culinary business by providing exemplary robotic solutions. The brand has made significant strides under his leadership and reflects a unique customer base with 2000+ clients. Eshwar has made it a point to stick to the goal of becoming the country’s largest kitchen automation brand in the food retail industry. Since Eshwar is responsible for recognising market opportunities and leads the expansion plans unit, he also ensures the financial health of the organisation and collaborates with investors, partners and other external stakeholders. He further intends to take his brand global, especially across the UK, US, Australia and Singapore, where the system demands structurally functional and operationally efficient solutions.

Eshwar’s ambitions know no limit and therefore, he is seen creating his own horizons of growth. Along with being a successful entrepreneur and a skilled engineer, he is also a trained scuba instructor. Other than delving deep in the ocean and stroking his adventurous streak, he likes to spend time mentoring budding automation entrepreneurs.