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12th February 2024 | NESCO Centre, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Thank you for making the Food Connoisseurs India Convention 2024 – West India Edition a Grand Success!

Award Overview

Food Connoisseurs India Awards 2024 West India

Celebrating the Triumphs of
Culinary Excellence

Prepare for a grand gathering of the crème de la crème of the Food and Beverage industry at the esteemed Food Connoisseurs India Awards – West India Edition. This illustrious ceremony raises a resounding toast to the truly deserving, recognizing those who have transcended industry norms, all while upholding the pillars of unrivaled customer service and unwavering customer satisfaction. Regardless of size, scale, capital, or business model, this award salutes individuals and establishments that have propelled the F&B industry to unprecedented heights.

The laurels bestowed upon these outstanding individuals and brands are meticulously determined through a comprehensive evaluation process established by the organizers. This undertaking entails an exhaustive five-week period of rigorous research and diligent deliberation, culminating in the identification of the most exceptional entities within each category. The final selection will be based on the submission of relevant documentation and a comprehensive questionnaire.

Restaurants representing diverse categories, food service providers, talented chefs, innovative food-tech brands, and invaluable service suppliers will have a remarkable opportunity to participate in the esteemed Food Connoisseurs India Awards – West Edition 2024. This prestigious platform allows them to showcase their distinctive selling points, noteworthy achievements, and groundbreaking innovations within their respective sectors. The victors will be graced with an exquisite trophy and a certificate bearing the distinguished signatures of esteemed jury members during a grand ceremony attended by media luminaries and over 1000 revered industry veterans.

Seize the moment and secure your nomination, for it is time to be acknowledged as the true champions that you are!

Awards Objective

Nomination Fee

A nomination fee of INR 10,000 + GST will be charged per category. This fee includes one award nomination and two invitations to attend the Awards Ceremony, followed by a Networking Cocktail & Dinner.

Who Should Nominate?

With over 150 distinguished award categories, an extensive array of opportunities awaits you to be recognized and heralded for your outstanding achievements. Has your brand surpassed all expectations? Have you orchestrated a revolution in the realm of business operations? Have your products flown off the shelves? Have you discovered novel avenues to engage with discerning consumers amidst the challenging times? Have you implemented groundbreaking practices that have propelled your revenue to new heights?

If any, or indeed all, of these resonate with you, allow the entire fraternity to revel in your triumph as you lay claim to your well-deserved trophy and certificate at the illustrious Food Connoisseurs India Awards 2024.

Still Wondering, Why Enter?

  • Elevate your brand awareness and seamlessly promote your business to a discerning national audience through comprehensive PR endeavors.
  • Honor and pay tribute to your relentless dedication and the accomplishments of your esteemed colleagues.
  • Grant you privileged access to the esteemed partner network affiliated with the prestigious awards, harnessing its power to magnify the reach and impact for all the esteemed winners.
  • Serve as a resounding third-party endorsement, firmly establishing your enterprise as an unparalleled differentiating force within your sector.
  • Instill trust and embody unwavering credibility, decisively influencing prospective new customers to select and prioritize your offerings above those of your competitors.
  • The distinguished winners shall be exalted with a regal trophy and certificate, amidst the presence of prominent media luminaries and revered stalwarts of the industry.

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