FCIC 2023

Dheeraj Gupta

Dheeraj Gupta

Founder and MD, Jumboking

Dheeraj Gupta is an Indian businessman who has pioneered the establishment of Indian QSRs as a category by themselves in the restaurant industry. He’s the force behind India’s largest vegetarian burger chain- JUMBOKING. The growth trajectory of JUMBOKING stands testimony to Gupta’s belief in the large-scale acceptance of franchising as a framework for doing business and focus as an approach.

Gupta’s business philosophy is based on building strong, symbiotic partnerships with individual entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the ‘10X advantages’ of a well-developed franchising system. His belief that such a model potentially creates a very inclusive and resilient growth engine, when coupled with a cohesive, focused and disciplined team of professionals, have made him a young business icon.

Gupta is a clockwork crusader; a member of the 5 am club, he believes that Indian texts such as the Ashta vaktra Geeta, Narad Bhakti Sutras etc; possess copious business wisdom. Gupta is a marathoner, yoga practitioner and avid reader of business biographies.